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Melanie Lackey


3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

  1. I took dance classes most of my childhood. Tap, jazz, ballet and pointe. I also did baton classes one year when I was 7

  2. I started taking gymnastics at the ages of 5 and made the competition team at 10. I was competitive for 7 years and was competing at a level 10 by graduation.

  3. I also competed in high schol gymnastics on the side as a one man team since my shcool didn't have a "team".

SSPAC Role: Instructor

Teaches: Acro

Fun fact: I am very creative and have a passion for crafting and makeup

Favorite SSPAC Show: Wish Upon a Star. My daughter's very first time taking the stage.

When not at SSPAC dancing... I love to spend my free time restoring and painting furniture. I also enjoy shopping and retail therapy. Most of all cherish the time I have with friends and family making memories.

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